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This looks for results containing at least one of your search terms. You can also use our standard search to do this by putting an uppercase OR between your terms – e.g. iphone OR smartphone OR apps
This excludes from your results items that contain any of these words. You can also use our standard to do this by putting an uppercase NOT in front of any words you want to exclude – e.g. smartphone NOT iphone

Did you know?

> You can also enter Boolean terms like AND, OR, NOT and NEAR into our standard search.

Boolean terms can be used to create sophisticated word search queries, commonly using AND, OR, NOT and NEAR. For example:

- iphone AND smartphone looks for results containing both words
- iphone OR smartphone looks for results containing at least one of the words
- iphone NOT smartphone looks for results containing the first word but not the second
- iphone NEAR smartphone looks for results containing both words close together in text

Terms can also be combined together as well as used in conjunction with exact phrases, for example:

- Apple iphone AND (apps OR applications) NOT Vodafone

You can enter Boolean search phrases into our standard search. They must be entered in UPPERCASE.

> Our Search Tips have more information about searching

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