McDonald's: Dual Combo on Twitch

Serena Lee and Joy Weng

Campaign details

Brand: McDonald's
Brand owner: McDonald's
Lead agency 1: OMD Taiwan
Country: Taiwan
Industries: Restaurants & takeaways
Channels used: Online display, Online video, Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

In 2016, before Taiwan McDonald's launched its new menu "Dual Combo", we faced two challenges.

  • The new menu targeted "hunger". But people can eat out easily in Taiwan's market, so where can we find this "hunger"?
  • Besides a fundamental media mix, how can we engage and create buzz with "hunger" ?

After analysing the advertisements which communicate with a similar group (hunger) and holding a focus meeting, we discovered that people usually feel hungry when they do activities which can't be paused, e.g. playing online games, watching a live webcast.