Campaign details

Brand: TSB Bank
Agency: MESH Experience
Country: UK


The IT Crisis

When an IT migration exercise went horribly wrong for TSB, the insight team responded. This case study demonstrates the powerful contribution timely insight can make when navigating such problems played out in the public domain. The result: turning brand perception around and heading towards TSB's challenger brand vision.

The challenge was huge. Overnight an IT issue left many TSB customers without access to normal banking facilities. This proved to be the biggest negative PR story in the two years of capturing UK retail banking experiences. TSB, a stellar brand, which had been consistently outperforming others, was suddenly in trouble. On w/c 23rd April 2018, TSB shot from zero negative experiences to 14% of the population reporting negative earned experiences (in the news, conversation etc). Previous PR crises e.g. branch closures and fraud scandals had rarely exceeded 5% negative earned reach.