Why it matters

David vs. Goliath: Yorkshire Tea shows how a regional, family-owned, challenger brand has been able to take on long-established national brands backed by multinationals using the power of TV, entertaining creative and a consistent media strategy.


  • Even in a declining market there are opportunities for challenger brands with an authentic personality and smart media strategy that concentrates on key audiences.
  • That requires harnessing the power of TV and social media and getting them to work together effectively; the latter can inform the direction of the former.
  • A creative idea that can embrace many different executions allows for consistency, repetition and reinforcement without people becoming immune to it.

Not long before the UK’s 2020 Budget, new Chancellor Rishi Sunak sparked a Twitterstorm after he posted a picture of himself making tea for his team. Many thought it unlikely the politician even knew how to boil a kettle, but what really got people riled up was the brand – he was pictured alongside a catering-sized bag of Yorkshire Tea.