The communication goal

Smart speakers are a completely new concept in India. With the debut of Google Home in April 2018 - the need was to create a category from scratch and create consumer demand.

Our key task was to:

  1. Create intrigue about capabilities of smart speakers
  2. Drive aspirational value for Google Home.
  3. Create consumer need to own a Google home

The situation analysis

Creating a category for smart speakers - a relatively unheard of product for Indian consumers, required breaking the usual, norm and renewed thinking. We had to achieve the following :

  1. Not just awareness but product understanding
  2. Not just features but product utility in everyday life
  3. Not just 'cool quotient' but 'real aspirational' value

So going beyond the "30 second" TV commercial was a must to achieve all 3 objectives, To complicate matters further, we had Limited resources to work with as the client wanted to see early results before making more investments behind this product.

The media solution