Campaign details

Brand: LEVEL
Client: International Airlines Group
Agency: Superunion


This case provides reassurance for those who believe that 'strategy is the art of sacrifice.'

IAG's new airline brand, Level, became an overnight success (literally) because it identified a clear audience need and sacrificed everything that got in the way of delivering on that need.

It sacrificed a comfortable way of working for one that would be best suited to the task.

It sacrificed anything that could get in the way of a strong idea that worked seamlessly through design and communication.

It sacrificed superfluity to arrive at a minimal aesthetic that would appeal to an audience with more taste than money.

It sacrificed various category conventions. It even sacrificed a few vowels.

After all this ruthlessness, what emerged was a powerful new brand which became 'one of the most successful airline launches ever'1, selling the equivalent of two months' inventory on its first day in business.