Smart approaches to occasion marketing

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At a glance

Luxury and premium brands are tackling China’s discount expectation by focusing on brand-building, creating limited editions and smart KOL partnerships.

Why it matters

In China, discounts are expected to fuel ‘everyday low prices’ on frequently-purchased items, and deeper discounts anticipated on higher ticket items – especially on Singles Day. This can pose a challenge for luxury and premium brands looking to maintain a premium perception.


  • The danger in participating in large scale events is the temptation to jump in with a big discount but little other preparation. Considering the broader value of leveraging the promotional period is critical and pre-planning is essential.
  • A campaign where the discount is NOT the main message, with a fully rounded mix of communication to generate shopper enthusiasm and atmosphere, can really help a brand stand out.
  • Focus the promotion not just on the price offer but on the clear product benefits and brand value. Leverage the unique brand assets (imagery, celebrity, heritage) to ensure brand impact over savings delivered.