Campaign details

Advertiser: Penny
Brand:  Penny-Markt 
Agency: Serviceplan Germany
Country: Germany

Campaign Summary

Christmas is the festival of love. Nevertheless, it is often about expensive gifts that many people cannot afford: Among our customers, 44 % have to count every cent. We know the living conditions of our customers and did not want to put more pressure on them at Christmas. Instead, we reminded them of something they already have. The most valuable gift ever: love. Christmas doesn't need much. Only love. Lovingly handcrafted, our partly real-shot, partly 3D animated film tells the story of a single mother and her son. Although she doesn't have much money, she manages to prepare a wonderful Christmas gift for her son – only using her creativity and love.

Marketing Context

Especially at Christmas many brands pressure people to buy more and more stuff. But what does this do to people who struggle financially and who can hardly buy a single Christmas present for their children? This Christmas, we wanted to make a difference. In a strongly branded marketing context, we told people NOT to buy stuff. We encouraged them to use what they already have. The most valuable gift that cannot be bought: love.

Campaign Planning