Campaign details

Advertiser: Paramount Pictures
Brand: Mission: Impossible
Agency: Viacom Velocity
Country: United States

Campaign Summary

In today's movie universe, practical stunts are a rarity. So when a movie event like Mission: Impossible comes along, audiences are psyched to see how the franchise will one-up itself. Leaning into this conceit, we looked to reinforce the core message that this is a movie event focused on real death defying moments performed by the franchise's iconic star, Tom Cruise. But how do you do that without the film's lead star? Call in the cavalry courtesy of his stunt doubles, BTS crews, and an array of A-list Viacom talent. These guys might spend more time warming the bench than jumping out of planes, but not this time.

Marketing Context

Big-budget event movies are everywhere. The sheer number and their sequels are so overwhelming that it's becoming more and more difficult to get a film noticed. Additionally, a fragmenting media landscape makes it much more difficult to search out and find the mass audience and multiple demos needed to have a big opening weekend at the box office as well as sustained success in the weeks after. So we needed to find a way to access the full reach of Viacom's portfolio to speak to males, females, action fans and newcomers – and build enough universal attention to turn an intriguing release into a must-see.

Campaign Planning