Campaign details

Advertiser: Mankind Pharma
Brand: Manforce Condoms
Agency: ADK-Fortune
Country: India

Campaign Summary

ShutThePhoneUp informed and intimidated people in equal measures. A hitherto undiscussed topic was brought to the forefront. It generated immense conversation and made everyone see Manforce in a new light. A brand that didn't shy away from asking a difficult question. The video that led the campaign went viral immediately and provoked discussions and debates across multiple online and offline platforms. It earnt free media worth millions and the subject became a point of discussion everywhere, from college campuses, to office cafeterias to online chat rooms. Maybe even in bedrooms. Which exactly was the intent of the campaign.

Marketing Context

The condom market in India is extremely competitive with a host of Indian and a few foreign brands. The communication usually is either pegged in pleasure or protection. The pleasure of lovemaking or the protection that it provides either as a contraception device or the protection it offers against sexually transmitted diseases. The communication in the category rendered itself to a certain amount of sameness Manforce enjoyed market leadership. Now it also wanted 'thought leadership' in the category. Manforce was the leading condom brand in India. It had built its equity on 2 key strengths, a strong association with flavors and a very strong brand endorser in Sunny Leone.

Campaign Planning