Jack McLaren

14 十月 2020 Al and Laura Ries wrote The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding 22 years ago. Immutable – “unchangeable over time” – is a big word to use in a book title. But it’s accurate in this case, even though today’s marketing tactics and tools are unrecognizable compared to 1998 – the
25 六月 2020 COVID-19 is having a dramatic impact on e-commerce – accelerating uptake, shifting buyer types, changing attitudes to spending and distorting previous consumer journey dynamics.
08 十一月 2017 BEST OF 2017 OPINION: Ben Shaw, Head of BBH Live, and Jack Colchester, Senior Data Strategist, from the team at BBH London that created the Grand Prix-winning KFC Dirty Louisiana campaign in Effective Social Strategy of  this year’s WARC Awards, highlight the difference between an impression and a lasting impression.
16 八月 2017 There’s not just an ethical reason, but also a growing commercial imperative for brands to assume a people-first approach and stop using stereotypes in their advertising, says Sally McLaren, director at Sense.